Introduction - Your website is part of the Discipleship Process

Hello and Welcome! Thanks for enrolling in this Church Website Optimization course!

My name is Patrick Steil (pronounced "style"), the founder of ChurchBuzz (along with my wonderful wife Tyra). I am a devoted follower of Jesus, loving Husband and PROUD Father of six boys!

My wife and I have been involved in the leadership of our church in many ways over the past 15 years. We have been involved in building websites for over 22 years! (In fact I was using the Internet BEFORE the "browser" was even invented!)

I have also served as a volunteer Senior High Youth Sunday School teacher and overall adult volunteer for our youth program for about 15 years. Look forward to doing a lot more ministry in this area in the future! The Youth are our best opportunity for making Disciples!

ANYWAY, enough about me!

My goal for YOU in this course is to provide you with the strategies and approaches for Optimizing YOUR church website to help you gain visitors to your website and help those visitors become WELCOME GUESTS each Sunday!

For each lesson there will be some text to read and then a recorded video from a LIVE workshop I gave by this same name to 20+ churches in North Texas. Enjoy!

May God Bless our time together in this course!

Your Church Webmaster

p.s. - Once you complete ALL LESSONS in this course you may just get a special discount on our services, so make sure to COMPLETE THE COURSE!

Anyways, lets get started with your first video!

These videos were recorded at the North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church where I have delivered many workshops over the years!